just wanted to let you guys know that i’m taking a break from social media for a bit meaning i will not be active on tumblr, instagram, or twitter. don’t worry, i’ll be back soon, i just need to take some time off for personal reasons & will let you know when i’m back and about some other important things that i haven’t forgotten about. hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

— Grace

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idina + laughing/smiling

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"Listening to Idina sing, you can’t help but feel her joy and her openness.” - James Snyder

"You can write songs that ask her to do things that most mortals can’t do.” - Brian Yorkey

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37/∞ - favorite pictures of a liferuiner idina menzel

guest starring as lisa king in private practice

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my blog is still being edited, so sorry if it looks a bit off

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 If/Then Stage Door 7/13/14

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Theater Majors


A Degree in Musical Theater. You may not be able to solve a math problem. But you will know how to solve a problem like Maria.

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your icon shows who you are inside